Gel-Tec is a full-service contract manufacturer deeply committed to the success of our clients’ product lines and dedicated to helping them increase their share of the nutraceutical market. We are the industry leaders in creating custom formulations using materials that are difficult to encapsulate.

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All our products
are available in
bulkpacks or labeled in consumer packages to your specifications.

Gel-Tec will manufacture to your specifications using the purest, most efficacious ingredients available.

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Gel-Tec is a leader in soft gelatin capsule technology. We are dedicated to working with our clients in utilizing a soft gelatin delivery system that will enhance their brand and help increase their share of the nutraceutical market. There are numerous reasons the Gel-Tec advantage may be preferred by a client's customers:

Enhanced nutrient bioavailability.

Easily digestible by stomach enzymes.

Easier to swallow than other delivery systems.

Delivers the only existing form of encapsulation that is hermitically sealed.

Provides sealed ingredients with unique protection from oxygen and light.

Inherently tamper-proof. Any puncture on the surface of the capsule would permanently and visibly damage the capsule.

Ensures content uniformity and precision dosage.

Advances product marketability with its tailored and attractive appearance.

Provides ease of product differentiation by color, size, and shape.

Masks unpleasant odors and flavors.

Gel-Tec has over 25 years of experience manufacturing the soft gelatin capsule delivery system. Gel-Tec has perfected this delivery system and is pleased to offer our clients the choice of non-bovine or vegetarian soft gelatin capsules. We are committed to providing our clients with the widest possible array of choices for their customers, and helping them expand their share of the nutraceutical market.