Expertise in formulation, product development, nutrition research, and food technology

This range of experience has given the company a strong basis for expanding its operations and offering a full line of services: from packaging and labeling to new product development.

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Gel-Tec is one of a select group of nutraceutical manufacturers who actually produce everything they sell.

Gel-Tec's leading-edge softgel products are manufactured in our innovative Long Island, N.Y. facility, equipped with up-to-date climate control technology, ensuring all our prodvucts are free from contaminants. This facility has a production output capability of up to 600,000 soft-gels per machine, per day, allowing us to meet our clients' needs, whether large or small, in a careful and consistent manner.

Gel-Tec is a full-service contract manufacturer deeply committed to the success of our clients' product lines and dedicated to helping them increase their share of the nutraceutical market...
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From drug and vitamin interactions to natural remedies and a variety of health topics, VitaSearch® is your best source for information on natural health and wellness.
All our products are available in bulkpacks or labeled in consumer packages to your specifications. Gel-Tec will manufacture to your specifications using the purest, most efficacious ingredients available.
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